Goals and methods of manipulating people through the media


We notice the fact of the massive influence of the media on the reality that surrounds us. It manifests itself in particular in shaping our knowledge and ideas, views and sympathies in every possible matter. It translates into our behavior and the manner and nature of our decisions.


Therefore, the first postulate that we are directed towards the media — and at the same time their duty — is reliability, that is, standing in the truth. The truth is the creation of the media. Departure from it, means manipulation, is a serious betrayal of their existence. At the same time, we remember that the dignity of man, including his freedom, is realized only in truth. “You will know the truth and the truth will set you free.”http://cryptocurrencyinstitute.org/go.php?offer=piotrmak&pid=1

The times of crude propaganda have passed. Its contemporary forms, undertaken by dishonest media, are very sophisticated. —

  • the recipient is so deeply attached to the myths imposed on him that they become a closed circle for him, beyond which he does not leave;
    - he defends these myths himself, he reproduces them;
    - rejects the truth when it comes to it or does not allow its existence, or does not want to know it.
  • False information, or “ordinary” lie
  • Providing false information by the media is the simplest, but also the most risky for the perpetrators, a form of manipulation. The media counts on the ignorance of the real facts by the recipients. So they give lies. Sometimes very evident, because they assume that the addressee will not bother to check the information or obtain it at its source. Because why, since it has already been served on a media plate. In Poland, this method of manipulation is relatively easy due to the media monopoly held by narrow groups. By lying to recipients, you can count on the fact that they will not use an alternative source of information, especially if these sources are ridiculed.

“If so many (almost everyone) say the same, then it must be true.”

No information, or conspiracy of concealmenthttp://cryptocurrencyinstitute.org/go.php?offer=piotrmak&pid=1


With the widespread dependence of human thinking (or its lack) on the media, especially television, there is a stereotype: “What is not in the media, it does not exist.” This stereotype reads vice versa: “What is on television, it really does exist”, in turn lies at the basis of the effectiveness of the media lie discussed above. How often one can hear an uncritical argument: “It is so, and not otherwise, because they said so on television.” The propaganda strength of the media is seen in this last example.

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1. Hiding from people a fact.


2. Silence can be a tool for indirectly negating something or someone. Well-known politicians know this well.

cold war, vietnam war etc

Some even share the slogan that “it’s better that the media talk about someone wrong than at all.”


Providing very important information as not relevant or irrelevant


Providing the information being prepared


In this case, we are dealing with a real event, but in a way to achieve a specific goal

the war in Iraq caused the destabilization of the entire Middle East Saddam did not have Chemical Weapons?

Another way of manipulation I saw was a television coverage of an important problem. Television, wanting to be regarded as objective, emitted statements “for” and “against” in equal numbers.

This is the problem Photo unicef

Hidden manipulation


Although every manipulation must be hidden, there are its special forms. In addition to various forms of hidden advertising, there are so-called subliminal messages referring to the subconscious. On television, they rely on an emission in which every now and then a framer appears with a certain content for a fraction of a second. The time of its emission is so short that the viewer is not aware of this information. However, the specific message goes to the brain and “lives its own life”. It is supposed to affect human behavior. It is a manipulation that has to circumvent the mind and will of the recipient.

Goebbels used to say that a lie repeated many times becomes true;Tramp?