Sales pages can be hard to optimise effectively. With so many different variables contributing to your success as an affiliate marketer, it’s hugely important to optimise your page by focusing on the aspects that are most valuable and highly converting for you. With so much information available on sales page resources and design, and so much discussion and debate around what features and page types are the most important and effective, it can be difficult to know where to start when you’re creating an affiliate product page. This simple guide is designed to let you know what’s worth it, and what isn’t. When you focus on the most important parts of any page design and content, you can effectively eliminate the ineffective and unworthy parts of your page with ease. So, here are five easy tips that can change your online sales page for the better:

#1 – Make use of different colours and text styles.
There’s nothing less inspiring than a sales page that’s 100% black text. God help you if it’s entirely typed in Times New Roman or Comic Sans MS. Don’t ever be that person with the uninspiring sales page, wondering why it doesn’t convert. Sales pages need to inspire your readers, and create the urge to buy. Using different colours, text sizes, and styles can massively effect your audience. This variation succeeds for two reasons. Firstly, it divides your page into easy to read sections, allowing users to easily read through the page. Secondly, it can be used to effectively highlight the most important and valuable sections of your sales page. By creating clear sections and highlighting the most important parts of your page, you can guide readers through your sales text, and effectively lead them towards your buy button and sales pitch.

#2 – Create incentives for people to buy.
This is a well known law of economics, that translates to almost every level of sales and marketing. When you build up anticipation and excitement, your readers grow to expect the level of quality that your product offers. However, when you reveal a low price at the end of this copy, you can dazzle your readers and allow them to see the real value in your deal. When you create anticipation and excitement, then relieve people with an affordable and reasonable price, you’ll see massive conversions and ef.

This all boils down to some basic psychological and economic principles. Perhaps the only literal and completely accurate definition of economics is “people respond to incentives.” This is completely true for marketers. Incentives are what drive people to buy your product, and as a marketer you need to create them. This can be anything from creating a sales page that projects a lifestyle that people want, to answering exactly how your product can truly help people. When you imprint these ideas in peoples minds, the chance of a conversion and commission are much higher than when you simply tell them what features your product offers. Make things personal and easy to relate to and you’ll see a massive increase in your conversion rate.

#3 – Reassurance will cost you initially, but pay off massively in the long term.
This is something that many internet marketers struggle with. Because of the massive amounts of scam artists and get rich quick schemes out there online, many people instantly zone out when they see the standard sales page. This is reinforced by the fact that many dodgy internet marketers operate outside of the reputable systems and services, leading them to project an image of distrust. While these marketers can create problems for those new in the system, if you’ve built up a reputation for providing quality products and offering real value to customers, they provide you with an extra avenue for which to promote and market your products.

Think about it this way: Whenever there’s a market flooded with low quality goods, the high quality goods attract extra attention not just for their quality, but for their relative quality. When you’re the best marketer on the block, not only will you win the attention of those who are tired of the scammy and disingenuous marketers, but you will win their enthusiasm and ambassadorship. Let these people power part of your marketing, as reputation is often the most powerful marketing currency. When you reassure customers, you’ll see massive long-term payoffs. This leads on to the next point…


#4 – Always operate within the systems that customers are familiar with.
When you stick with the big names like Paypal, EBay and Google, you create an aura of authenticity and respectability. This boils down to a simple psychological phenomenon — people are much more likely to trust those that are associated with positive and genuine experiences than those that they associate with unfamiliarity and uncertainty. Always go with the big, reputable providers. For example, when you have a Paypal button on your page, you instantly generate rapport and trust with eBay users. They’re grown familiar with Paypal through their experience on eBay, and will be that much closer to trusting you completely. These small additions to your page can have large effects on sales.

#5 – Micro-test anything and everything.
Micro-testing and split-testing allow you to see what’s effective and what isn’t. Any experienced marketer and webmaster is familiar with analytics and optimisation testing. This is an absolute necessity for marketing sales success. When you optimise your page to best support your users, you can guide them through your sales copy and towards your buy button. Use selective optimisation and testing to determine what elements of your page are most effective, and then trim the fat away from your page so that only the most effective parts remain. This could be as simple as testing two different pieces of copy, or trialing keywords and Google advertising terms.

These simple tips and tricks will guide you through your internet marketing journey. Although it can be daunting sometimes, don’t let it take over you. When you optimise and focus on the important few parts of anything, you’ll get to the root of the issue and the pinnacle of success faster than you can ever imagine.

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