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The Theban Alphabet is a collection of writing letters with unknown origin. They were first published around the 16th century by Johannes Trithemius but was attributed to some unknown 12th or 13th century writers.

“All Magic Spells” written in the Theban Alphabet


The alphabet has a very mystical and magical appearance, perhaps why it was chosen by Wiccans and witches the world over.


There are many different styles of writing the Theban letters.


he Theban Alphabet is likewise here and there known as the “Witch’s Alphabet” on account of its across the board use in Wicca and other current black magic conviction frameworks as a method for crytpically covering up magical compositions, spells and other significant fortunes.




The Theban Alphabet is otherwise called the “Theban Content” or “Celestial Content”, and it is said that it’s one of a few distinct contents used to speak with heavenly attendants. It’s additionally said that when somebody needs to request of a holy messenger for assistance, it’s all the more dominant whenever composed with this content.




The Theban alphabet is utilized by witches, agnostics, and Wiccans to cast spells, either by working out the glyphs and after that consuming the paper, or cutting them in stately stones. It is accepted that it might have been initially created as a figure for concealing messages from meddling onlookers.




There are a wide range of styles of composing the Theban letters. The picture you see above was created utilizing a text style from 1001Fonts and has a particular “manually written”, sensitive feel. There are other forms however, for example, the one found at Omniglot which has a significantly more purposeful and characterized feel. How you compose the letters involves individual inclination.






Why not utilize the Theban alphabet in your magic? Possibly you could compose a couple of spells, or notes in your Grimoire or Book of Shadows. Perhaps you could make charms with Theban composition on, or utilize Theban images on letters sent to companions.